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ProgressTracking:US CA Senate

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There are currently 40 California Senate Member pages.

4 have edit start dates, 5 have been completed.

 LastnameCA DistrictEdit Start DateMost Recent Edit Made On
Benjamin Allen (USA CA)Allen26
Joel Anderson (USA CA)Anderson38
Toni Atkins (USA CA)Atkins39
Patricia Bates (USA CA)Bates36
Jim Beall (USA CA)Beall15
Tom Berryhill (USA CA)Berryhill8
Steven Bradford (USA CA)Bradford35
Anthony Cannella (USA CA)Cannella12
Bill Dodd (USA CA)Dodd32017/01/262017/02/09
Jean Fuller (USA CA)Fuller162017/06/192017/06/19
Ted Gaines (USA CA)Gaines1
Cathleen Galgiani (USA CA)Galgiani5
Steven Glazer (USA CA)Glazer72017/06/08
Ed Hernandez (USA CA)Hernandez22
Robert Hertzberg (USA CA)Hertzberg18
Jerry Hill (USA CA)Hill13
Ben Hueso (USA CA)Hueso40
Hannah-Beth Jackson (USA CA)Jackson19
Ricardo Lara (USA CA)Lara33
Connie Leyva (USA CA)Leyva20
Mike McGuire (USA CA)McGuire2
Tony Mendoza (USA CA)Mendoza32
Holly Mitchell (USA CA)Mitchell30
Bill Monning (USA CA)Monning172017/06/192017/06/19
John Moorlach (USA CA)Moorlach37
Mike Morrell (USA CA)Morrell23
Josh Newman (USA CA)Newman29
Janet Nguyen (USA CA)Nguyen34
Jim Nielsen (USA CA)Nielsen4
Richard Pan (USA CA)Pan6
Anthony Portantino (USA CA)Portantino25
Richard Roth (USA CA)Roth31
Nancy Skinner (USA CA)Skinner9
Henry Stern (USA CA)Stern27
Jeff Stone (USA CA)Stone28
Andy Vidak (USA CA)Vidak14
Bob Wieckowski (USA CA)Wieckowski10
Scott Wiener (USA CA)Wiener11
Scott Wilk (USA CA)Wilk21
Kevin de León (USA CA)de León242017/06/282017/06/28

We are still uncovering twitter handles (usernames) for politicians. Support is always welcome. If you find a politician's twitter handle on their official website, old campaign page, or facebook site then please add it to their climate profile.

Benjamin Allen (USA CA)
Joel Anderson (USA CA)
Toni Atkins (USA CA)
Patricia Bates (USA CA)
Jim Beall (USA CA)
Tom Berryhill (USA CA)
Steven Bradford (USA CA)
Anthony Cannella (USA CA)
Bill Dodd (USA CA)
Jean Fuller (USA CA)
Ted Gaines (USA CA)
Cathleen Galgiani (USA CA)
Steven Glazer (USA CA)
Ed Hernandez (USA CA)
Robert Hertzberg (USA CA)
Jerry Hill (USA CA)
Ben Hueso (USA CA)
Hannah-Beth Jackson (USA CA)
Ricardo Lara (USA CA)
Connie Leyva (USA CA)
Mike McGuire (USA CA)
Tony Mendoza (USA CA)
Holly Mitchell (USA CA)
Bill Monning (USA CA)
John Moorlach (USA CA)
Mike Morrell (USA CA)
Josh Newman (USA CA)
Janet Nguyen (USA CA)
Jim Nielsen (USA CA)
Richard Pan (USA CA)
Anthony Portantino (USA CA)
Richard Roth (USA CA)
Nancy Skinner (USA CA)
Henry Stern (USA CA)
Jeff Stone (USA CA)
Andy Vidak (USA CA)
Bob Wieckowski (USA CA)
Scott Wiener (USA CA)
Scott Wilk (USA CA)
Kevin de León (USA CA)