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Mike Test

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Mike Test
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Test
Middle Name:
Nickname: Mike
Gender: Male
Assembly District: 02
Party: Republican
Official Gov Site:
Additional Site:
Wikipedia article:
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1. What are the individual's views on whether climate change is real and caused by human activity?

In 2009, Michael Test said, "I don't know exactly where to say only those things that are really quantifiable, and temperature has risen. But the scientific aspect that I still reserving judgment on is the extent to which it's manmade or natural." (1) In 2014, he said, "We had global warming between 1940 and 1998. Since then, we haven't had a rise in temperature." In November 2015, he voted for a resolution of disapproval saying the Clean Power Plan "shall have no force or effect." (2) In a series of roll call votes attached to debate about the Keystone XL Pipeline on January 21, 2015, he voted against Amendment 87 by Sen. Hoeven that human activity is real and contributes to climate change, and against Amendment 58 by Sen. Schatz, that human activity "significantly" contributes to climate change. (3,4)

1. "Mike Test does not believe in the threat of anthropogenic climate change" in Grist, Dave Roberts, 2009-08-26.

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2. What votes, actions, and governmental/organizational activities on climate change and clean energy has the individual led/supported/opposed?

3. What has the individual said about local and regional climate-related impacts and activities?

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