This wiki is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 project. Information comes from automatic research of public voting records and research by crowdsourcers and the wiki team. We intend for the information on its pages to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced. As crowdsourcers review articles and consider adding information, please be aware that links to partisan ratings and analyses are permitted at Wikipedia but not here.


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1. How to Join the ClimateCongress and Climate California Projects

Welcome! You're on the ClimateCongress and ClimateCalifornia crowdsourced wikis. You can also see more about the project and how to get your friends and colleagues involved at the links at the left, then come back here!

Understanding the Wiki

This wiki is a database for of incumbents and challengers for 535 Members of Congress and 120 members of the California legislature. We've already included really basic information: First Name, Last Name, State, Office (House/Senate), House District, Party (to start, only Democrat and Republican).

We include short fill-in forms for 10 more items, including Incumbent or Challenger, official and non-official websites, and social media accounts. As a researcher, you can add this information. More importantly, we have larger fill-in forms for three nonpartisan questions designed to show what individuals have said and done about climate change. Plus a form for "Other Sources." As a researcher, we hope you'll also add this information as well.

Most importantly, you'll find, above these questions, the fill-in form that's the point of all this: "Draft summary for the individual at Wikipedia." That's where you can find or add information in a format that, helped by tips from us, you or others can move, adding to the individual's Wikipedia article.

If you've never edited at Wikipedia, once you're comfortable doing it at our wiki, you'll have a much easier time getting up to speed over there.

Getting Started

To help you get started, we also offer [Help:Research|Research starting points]] for where to find information and 2. Content & Style Guidelines

The Project Team has already researched and filled in information on the 33 Senate races that will be decided on November 8, 2016.

And we've begun adding information on House seats, with 95 currently researched.

Understanding the profile articles on the wiki

  • Search by an individual's name or see all the races in a state.
  • In the results, see next to the individuals whether any information has been added, whether a Draft summary exists, and if it's been posted to Wikipedia.
  • When you click on one individual, you'll get a page that also includes the article on the other candidate in the race, showing all the information there now.
  • Click on one individual's name. You're ready to get going, even if you're not signed in!
  • The tabs at the top are similar to those at Wikipedia:
    • Page: view the article.
    • Discussion: read any comments or questions by other editors.
    • History: see every version that's been saved; compare current to previous or any two versions.

Jumping in and contributing

  • Create an account: like most places, a username, password, and email address. If you see a message, "I am not a robot" click on the captcha and answer the photos quiz.
  • At the top of the page it will show you're logged in. To the right of your user name, you will see links for:
  • As a registered user, you'll see more tabs on the top of the page:
    • Choose "Edit with form" (Edit is for experts).
  • Next, read the 2. Content & Style Guidelines and 3. Research starting points pages.