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2017-2018 AB378 (USA CA)

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Official name Greenhouse gases, criteria air pollutants, and toxic air contaminants.
Bill AB 378
Session 2017-2018
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Final actions on the bill:

Official details

Official name: Greenhouse gases, criteria air pollutants, and toxic air contaminants.
Official description:

Crowdsourced details

Crowdsourced name: GHG
Crowdsourced related hashtags (separated by commas):
Crowdsourced description: AB378 is nicknamed GHG because it was introduced by Assembly Members Cristina Garcia, Holden, and Eduardo Garcia
Crowdsourced detailed description:
Suggested 'Nay' template text:
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Motion votes:

On 2017-04-24T07:00 the Assembly passed the motion 'Do pass and be re-referred to the Committee on [Appropriations]' in a vote of Yea 7 to Nay 3.

  • Voting 'Yea' were 7 members: Chau, Muratsuchi, Mark Stone, Limón, McCarty, Cristina Garcia, Eggman
  • Voting 'Nay' were 3 members: Travis Allen, Acosta, Flora

On 2017-05-26T07:00 the Assembly passed the motion 'Do pass as amended.' in a vote of Yea 11 to Nay 6.

  • Voting 'Yea' were 11 members: Reyes, Bonta, Gonzalez Fletcher, Muratsuchi, Friedman, Quirk, McCarty, Calderon, Bloom, Bocanegra, Eduardo Garcia
  • Voting 'Nay' were 6 members: Fong, Brough, Bigelow, Gallagher, Obernolte, Gray

On 2017-06-02T05:43 the Assembly did not pass the motion 'AB 378 GARCIA, C. Assembly Third Reading' in a vote of Yea 35 to Nay 39.

  • Voting 'Yea' were 35 members: Chau, Gonzalez Fletcher, Muratsuchi, Gloria, Berman, Santiago, Cristina Garcia, Eggman, Low, Thurmond, Ting, Bloom, Kalra, Weber, Mullin, Wood, Mark Stone, Quirk, Nazarian, Calderon, Burke, Irwin, Levine, Reyes, Rendon, Cooley, Holden, Jones-Sawyer, Limón, McCarty, Gomez, Bonta, Friedman, Chiu, Eduardo Garcia
  • Voting 'Nay' were 39 members: Travis Allen, Lackey, Rodriguez, Medina, Mathis, Mayes, Acosta, Fong, Salas, Grayson, Brough, Voepel, Melendez, Frazier, Chen, Daly, Gray, Bocanegra, Cunningham, Kiley, Rubio, Ridley-Thomas, Obernolte, Cooper, Dahle, Waldron, Chávez, Cervantes, Baker, Arambula, Bigelow, Flora, Steinorth, Gallagher, Harper, Caballero, Maienschein, Patterson, Quirk-Silva
  • Not voting were 6 members: Dababneh, Aguiar-Curry, "O'Donnell", Choi, Gipson, Chu

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