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Tracking:US CA Senate

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There are currently 40 pages of California Senators

Ralph AbrahamAbraham5
Ralph Lee Abraham (US-House)AbrahamLA-5
Frank AccavittiAccavitti10
Dante Acosta (USA CA)Acosta38
Alma AdamsAdams12
John AdamsAdams3
Alma S. Adams (US-House)AdamsNC-12
Robert AderholtAderholt4
Robert B. Aderholt (US-House)AderholtAL-4
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (USA CA)Aguiar-Curry4
Pete AguilarAguilar31
Pete Aguilar (US-House)AguilarCA-31
Richard AlarcónAlarcón29
Charlene AlbarranAlbarran2
Floyd AlbersonAlberson9
Edward AlbertsonAlbertson12
Lamar Alexander (US-Senate)AlexanderTN
Rick AllenAllen12
Benjamin Allen (USA CA)Allen26
Travis Allen (USA CA)Allen72
Rick W. Allen (US-House)AllenGA-12
Mark AlliegroAlliegro9
Antonio AmadorAmador9
Justin AmashAmash3
Justin Amash (US-House)AmashMI-3
Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen (US-Senate)AmataAS
Mark AmodeiAmodei2
Mark E. Amodei (US-House)AmodeiNV-2
Joel Anderson (USA CA)Anderson38
Scott AngelleAngelle3
Doug ApplegateApplegate49
Joaquin Arambula (USA CA)Arambula31
Robert ArdiniArdini12
Victor ArmendarizArmendariz4
Mark ArnessArness5
Jodey C. Arrington (US-House)ArringtonTX-19
Brad AshfordAshford2
Mark AssiniAssini25
George AthanasopoulosAthanasopoulos7
Toni Atkins (USA CA)Atkins39
Kelly AyotteAyotte
Paul BabeuBabeu1
Brian Babin (US-House)BabinTX-36
Donald BaconBacon2
Don Bacon (US-House)BaconNE-2
Steven BaileyBailey1
Catharine Baker (USA CA)Baker16
Mary Ellen BalchunisBalchunis7
Tammy Baldwin (US-Senate)BaldwinWI
James BanksBanks3
Jim Banks (US-House)BanksIN-3
Charles BaricevicBaricevic12
Jim BarksdaleBarksdale
Louis BarlettaBarletta11
Lou Barletta (US-House)BarlettaPA-11
Garland BarrBarr6
Andy Barr (US-House)BarrKY-6
Nanette BarragánBarragán44
Nanette Diaz Barragán (US-House)BarragánCA-44
John Barrasso (US-Senate)BarrassoWY
Raul BarreraBarrera27
Bryan BarrilleauxBarrilleaux3
Joe Barton (US-House)BartonTX-6
Doug BaslerBasler9
Karen BassBass37
Karen Bass (US-House)BassCA-37
Patricia Bates (USA CA)Bates36
Ralph BaucumBaucum4
Evan BayhBayh
Jim Beall (USA CA)Beall15
Joyce BeattyBeatty3
Joyce Beatty (US-House)BeattyOH-3
Xavier BecerraBecerra34
Xavier Becerra (US-House)BecerraCA-34
Eileen BedellBedell7
Adam BellBell3
Robert BellBell6
Douglas BellBell5
Michael BennetBennet
Michael F. Bennet (US-Senate)BennetCO
LuAnn BennettBennett10
Ami BeraBera7
Ami Bera (US-House)BeraCA-7
Jack BergmanBergman1
Jack Bergman (US-House)BergmanMI-1
Marc Berman (USA CA)Berman24
Tom Berryhill (USA CA)Berryhill8
Donald BeyerBeyer8
Donald S. Beyer, Jr. (US-House)BeyerVA-8
Franklin Bigelow (USA CA)Bigelow5
Andy BiggsBiggs5
Andy Biggs (US-House)BiggsAZ-5
Gus BilirakisBilirakis12
Gus M. Bilirakis (US-House)BilirakisFL-12
Sanford BishopBishop2
Mike BishopBishop8
Rob BishopBishop1
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (US-House)BishopGA-2
Rob Bishop (US-House)BishopUT-1
Mike Bishop (US-House)BishopMI-8
Arik BjornBjorn2
Diane BlackBlack6
Diane Black (US-House)BlackTN-6
Marsha BlackburnBlackburn7
Marsha Blackburn (US-House)BlackburnTN-7
David BlackwellBlackwell6
Richard Bloom (USA CA)Bloom50
Todd BloomBloom6
Rod BlumBlum1
Rod Blum (US-House)BlumIA-1
Earl BlumenauerBlumenauer3
Earl Blumenauer (US-House)BlumenauerOR-3
Richard BlumenthalBlumenthal
Richard Blumenthal (US-Senate)BlumenthalCT
Roy BluntBlunt
Roy Blunt (US-Senate)BluntMO
Lisa Blunt Rochester (US-Senate)Blunt RochesterDE
Raul Bocanegra (USA CA)Bocanegra39
Alan BohmsBohms1
Suzanne BonamiciBonamici1
Suzanne Bonamici (US-House)BonamiciOR-1
Terri BonoffBonoff3
Rob Bonta (USA CA)Bonta18
Cory A. Booker (US-Senate)BookerNJ
John BoozmanBoozman
John Boozman (US-Senate)BoozmanAR
Madeleine Z. Bordallo (US-Senate)BordalloGU
Michael BostBost12
Mike Bost (US-House)BostIL-12
John BouieBouie2
Will BoydBoyd4
Brendan BoyleBoyle13
Brendan F. Boyle (US-House)BoylePA-13
Steven Bradford (USA CA)Bradford35
Bill BradshawBradshaw12
Robert BradyBrady1
Robert A. Brady (US-House)BradyPA-1
Kevin Brady (US-House)BradyTX-8
Joshua BrannonBrannon5
David BratBrat7
Dave Brat (US-House)BratVA-7
Harold BratcherBratcher3
James BridenstineBridenstine1
Jim Bridenstine (US-House)BridenstineOK-1
Susan BrooksBrooks5
Morris BrooksBrooks5
Susan W. Brooks (US-House)BrooksIN-5
Mo Brooks (US-House)BrooksAL-5
William Brough (USA CA)Brough73
Anthony BrownBrown4
Shaun BrownBrown2
Sherrod Brown (US-Senate)BrownOH
Anthony G. Brown (US-House)BrownMD-4
Julia BrownleyBrownley26
Julia Brownley (US-House)BrownleyCA-26
David BruderlyBruderly4
Pat BryanBryan2
Frederick BrysonBryson11
Vern BuchananBuchanan16
Vern Buchanan (US-House)BuchananFL-16
Ken BuckBuck4
Ken Buck (US-House)BuckCO-4
Larry BucshonBucshon8
Larry Bucshon (US-House)BucshonIN-8
Theodore BuddBudd13
Ted Budd (US-House)BuddNC-13
Michael C. Burgess (US-House)BurgessTX-26
Autumn Burke (USA CA)Burke62
William BurkeBurke8
Billy BurketteBurkette5
Joshua BurkholderBurkholder4
Richard BurrBurr
Richard Burr (US-Senate)BurrNC
Cheri BustosBustos17
Cheri Bustos (US-House)BustosIL-17
George ButterfieldButterfield1
G. K. Butterfield (US-House)ButterfieldNC-1
Bradley ByrneByrne1
Bradley Byrne (US-House)ByrneAL-1
Anna Caballero (USA CA)Caballero30
Angel CadenaCadena3
Tawana CadienCadien10
Bryan CaforioCaforio25
Emily CainCain2
Ian Calderon (USA CA)Calderon57
Mark CallahanCallahan
Ken CalvertCalvert42
Ken Calvert (US-House)CalvertCA-42
Foster CampbellCampbell
Louie CamposCampos22
Anthony Cannella (USA CA)Cannella12
Fernando CanoCano9
Maria Cantwell (US-Senate)CantwellWA
Shelley Moore Capito (US-Senate)CapitoWV
Michael CapuanoCapuano7
Michael E. Capuano (US-House)CapuanoMA-7
Salud CarbajalCarbajal24
Salud O. Carbajal (US-House)CarbajalCA-24
Angel CardenasCardenas14
Benjamin L. Cardin (US-Senate)CardinMD
James CargasCargas7
Suzanne CaroCaro13
Thomas R. Carper (US-Senate)CarperDE
John CarrollCarroll
Morgan CarrollCarroll6
André CarsonCarson7
André Carson (US-House)CarsonIN-7
Earl CarterCarter1
Dan CarterCarter
Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (US-House)CarterGA-1
John R. Carter (US-House)CarterTX-31
Matthew CartwrightCartwright17
Matt Cartwright (US-House)CartwrightPA-17
Robert P. Casey, Jr. (US-Senate)CaseyPA
Bill Cassidy (US-Senate)CassidyLA
J. CasteenCasteen7
Hector CastilloCastillo9
Kathy CastorCastor14
Kathy Castor (US-House)CastorFL-14
Joaquin Castro (US-House)CastroTX-20
Sabrina Cervantes (USA CA)Cervantes60
Steven ChabotChabot1
Paul ChabotChabot31
Steve Chabot (US-House)ChabotOH-1
Jason ChaffetzChaffetz3
Jason Chaffetz (US-House)ChaffetzUT-3
William ChandlerChandler7
Ed Chau (USA CA)Chau49
Phillip Chen (USA CA)Chen55
Liz CheneyCheneyAt-large
Liz Cheney (US-Senate)CheneyWY
Dimitri ChernyCherny1
David Chiu (USA CA)Chiu17
Steven Choi (USA CA)Choi68
Gordon ChristensenChristensen4
Judy ChuChu27
Kansen Chu (USA CA)Chu25
Judy Chu (US-House)ChuCA-27
Rocky Chávez (USA CA)Chávez76
David CicillineCicilline1
David N. Cicilline (US-House)CicillineRI-1
Katherine ClarkClark5
Mike ClarkClark31
Katherine M. Clark (US-House)ClarkMA-5
Yvette ClarkeClarke9
Yvette D. Clarke (US-House)ClarkeNY-9
William ClayClay1
Wm. Lacy Clay (US-House)ClayMO-1
Emanuel CleaverCleaver5
Emanuel Cleaver (US-House)CleaverMO-5
Norris CleekCleek3
Peter ClemensClemens1
Paul ClementsClements6
Hosea ClevelandCleveland3
James ClyburnClyburn6
James E. Clyburn (US-House)ClyburnSC-6
Thad Cochran (US-Senate)CochranMS
Michael CoffmanCoffman6
Mike Coffman (US-House)CoffmanCO-6
Stephen CohenCohen9
Steve Cohen (US-House)CohenTN-9
Tom ColeCole4
Michael ColeCole14
David ColeCole2
Tom Cole (US-House)ColeOK-4
Lynn ColemanColeman2
Douglas CollinsCollins9
Chris CollinsCollins27
Susan M. Collins (US-Senate)CollinsME
Chris Collins (US-House)CollinsNY-27
Doug Collins (US-House)CollinsGA-9
James ComerComer1
James Comer (US-House)ComerKY-1
Barbara ComstockComstock10
Barbara Comstock (US-House)ComstockVA-10
K. ConawayConaway11
K. Michael Conaway (US-House)ConawayTX-11
Gerald ConnollyConnolly11
Matt ConnollyConnolly17
Gerald E. Connolly (US-House)ConnollyVA-11
John ConyersConyers13
John Conyers, Jr. (US-House)ConyersMI-13
Paul CookCook8
Paul Cook (US-House)CookCA-8
Ken Cooley (USA CA)Cooley8
Christopher A. Coons (US-Senate)CoonsDE
Jim CooperCooper5
Jim Cooper (USA CA)Cooper9
Jim Cooper (US-House)CooperTN-5
Clay CopeCope5
Matthew CoreyCorey1
Bob Corker (US-Senate)CorkerTN
John Cornyn (US-Senate)CornynTX
Lou CorreaCorrea46
J. Luis Correa (US-House)CorreaCA-46
Catherine Cortez MastoCortez Masto
Catherine Cortez Masto (US-Senate)Cortez MastoNV
Jim CostaCosta16
Jim Costa (US-House)CostaCA-16
Ryan CostelloCostello6
Ryan A. Costello (US-House)CostelloPA-6
Tom Cotton (US-Senate)CottonAR
Joseph CourtneyCourtney2
Joe Courtney (US-House)CourtneyCT-2
Dave CowellCowell8
Dan CoxCox8
Angela CraigCraig2
Kevin CramerCramerAt-large
Kevin Cramer (US-Senate)CramerND
Michael CrapoCrapo
Mike Crapo (US-Senate)CrapoID
James CraryCrary2
Rick CrawfordCrawford1
Eric A. "Rick" Crawford (US-House)CrawfordAR-1
Charles CristCrist13
Charlie Crist (US-House)CristFL-13
Joseph CrowleyCrowley14
Joseph Crowley (US-House)CrowleyNY-14
Ronald CrumptonCrumpton
Ted Cruz (US-Senate)CruzTX
Henry CuellarCuellar28
Henry Cuellar (US-House)CuellarTX-28
John Abney Culberson (US-House)CulbersonTX-7
Elijah CummingsCummings7
Elijah E. Cummings (US-House)CummingsMD-7
Jordan Cunningham (USA CA)Cunningham35
Carlos CurbeloCurbelo26
Carlos Curbelo (US-House)CurbeloFL-26
Dianne CurryCurry2
Kenneth CutnoCutno2
Tony CárdenasCárdenas29
Tony Cárdenas (US-House)CárdenasCA-29
Matthew Dababneh (USA CA)Dababneh45
Rafael DagnessesDagnesses26
Brian Dahle (USA CA)Dahle1
Steve Daines (US-Senate)DainesMT
John DaleDale4
Tom Daly (USA CA)Daly69
Walter DartlandDartland2
Richard DaughertyDaugherty15
Warren DavidsonDavidson8
Warren Davidson (US-House)DavidsonOH-8
Rodney DavisDavis13
Susan DavisDavis53
Danny DavisDavis7
Bruce DavisDavis13
Danny K. Davis (US-House)DavisIL-7
Susan A. Davis (US-House)DavisCA-53
Rodney Davis (US-House)DavisIL-13
Peter DeFazioDeFazio4
Peter A. DeFazio (US-House)DeFazioOR-4
Diana DeGetteDeGette1
Diana DeGette (US-House)DeGetteCO-1
Rosa DeLauroDeLauro3
Rosa L. DeLauro (US-House)DeLauroCT-3
Ron DeSantisDeSantis6
Ron DeSantis (US-House)DeSantisFL-6
Mark DeSaulnierDeSaulnier11
Mark DeSaulnier (US-House)DeSaulnierCA-11
Colleen DeaconDeacon24
Suzan DelBeneDelBene1
Suzan K. DelBene (US-House)DelBeneWA-1
John DelaneyDelaney6
John K. Delaney (US-House)DelaneyMD-6
Angela DemareeDemaree5
Val DemingsDemings10
Val Butler Demings (US-House)DemingsFL-10
Jeffrey DenhamDenham10
Jeff Denham (US-House)DenhamCA-10
Charles DentDent15
Charles W. Dent (US-House)DentPA-15
Robert DerletDerlet4
Mike DerrickDerrick21
Scott DesJarlaisDesJarlais4
Scott DesJarlais (US-House)DesJarlaisTN-4
Matthew DetchDetch3
August DeuserDeuser1
Theodore DeutchDeutch22
Theodore E. Deutch (US-House)DeutchFL-22
H. DewDew1
Peter DiCianniDiCianni8
Mario Diaz-BalartDiaz-Balart25
Mario Diaz-Balart (US-House)Diaz-BalartFL-25
Clint DidierDidier4
Debbie DingellDingell12
Debbie Dingell (US-House)DingellMI-12
Jane DittmarDittmar5
Thomas DixonDixon
Bill Dodd (USA CA)Dodd3
Lloyd DoggettDoggett35
Lloyd Doggett (US-House)DoggettTX-35
Robert DoldDold10
Joe Donnelly (US-Senate)DonnellyIN
Daniel DonovanDonovan11
Daniel M. Donovan, Jr. (US-House)DonovanNY-11
Lee Ann DouglasDouglas1
Ryan DowningDowning38
Michael DoyleDoyle14
Michael F. Doyle (US-House)DoylePA-14
Frank DrakeDrake5
Ron DrakeDrake8
Gretchen DriskellDriskell7
Tammy DuckworthDuckworth
Tammy Duckworth (US-Senate)DuckworthIL
Sean DuffyDuffy7
Sean P. Duffy (US-House)DuffyWI-7
Gregory DukeDuke2
Jeffrey DuncanDuncan3
John DuncanDuncan2
Jeff Duncan (US-House)DuncanSC-3
John J. Duncan, Jr. (US-House)DuncanTN-2
Neal DunnDunn2
Neal P. Dunn (US-House)DunnFL-2
Richard J. Durbin (US-Senate)DurbinIL
Adrienne EdwardsEdwards34
Susan Eggman (USA CA)Eggman13
Michael EggmanEggman10
Conner EldridgeEldridge
Keith EllisonEllison5
Greg EllisonEllison3
Keith Ellison (US-House)EllisonMN-5
Tom EmmerEmmer6
Tom Emmer (US-House)EmmerMN-6
Eliot EngelEngel16
Eliot L. Engel (US-House)EngelNY-16
Michael B. Enzi (US-Senate)EnziWY
Joni Ernst (US-Senate)ErnstIA
Anna EshooEshoo18
Anna G. Eshoo (US-House)EshooCA-18
Adriano EspaillatEspaillat13
Adriano Espaillat (US-House)EspaillatNY-13
Ron Estes (US-House)EstesKS-4
Elizabeth EstyEsty5
Elizabeth H. Esty (US-House)EstyCT-5
Dwight EvansEvans2
H. EvansEvans2
Robert EvansEvans13
Dwight Evans (US-House)EvansPA-2
Justin FareedFareed24
Blake FarentholdFarenthold27
Blake Farenthold (US-House)FarentholdTX-27
John FasoFaso19
John J. Faso (US-House)FasoNY-19
Danil FaustFaust1
Chris FedaleiFedalei4
Russell FeingoldFeingold
Dianne Feinstein (US-Senate)FeinsteinCA
Drew FergusonFerguson3
A. Drew Ferguson IV (US-House)FergusonGA-3
Tyler FischellaFischella35
Deb Fischer (US-Senate)FischerNE
Brian FitzpatrickFitzpatrick8
Brian K. Fitzpatrick (US-House)FitzpatrickPA-8
Jeff Flake (US-Senate)FlakeAZ
Charles FleischmannFleischmann3
Charles J. "Chuck" Fleischmann (US-House)FleischmannTN-3
Lorena Fletcher (USA CA)Fletcher80
Heath Flora (USA CA)Flora12
William FloresFlores17
Bill Flores (US-House)FloresTX-17
Corey FoisterFoister8
Vince Fong (USA CA)Fong34
Jeff FortenberryFortenberry1
Jeff Fortenberry (US-House)FortenberryNE-1
Bill FosterFoster11
Bill Foster (US-House)FosterIL-11
Richard FoxFox18
Virginia FoxxFoxx5
Virginia Foxx (US-House)FoxxNC-5
Lois FrankelFrankel21
Lois Frankel (US-House)FrankelFL-21
Al Franken (US-Senate)FrankenMN
Trent FranksFranks8
Trent Franks (US-House)FranksAZ-8
Jim Frazier (USA CA)Frazier11
April FreemanFreeman17
Rodney FrelinghuysenFrelinghuysen11
Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (US-House)FrelinghuysenNJ-11
Laura Friedman (USA CA)Friedman43
Marcia FudgeFudge11
Marcia L. Fudge (US-House)FudgeOH-11
Talia FuentesFuentes5
Scott FuhrmanFuhrman27
Jean Fuller (USA CA)Fuller16
Tulsi GabbardGabbard2
Tulsi Gabbard (US-House)GabbardHI-2
Matt GaetzGaetz1
Matt Gaetz (US-House)GaetzFL-1
Ted Gaines (USA CA)Gaines1
Cathleen Galgiani (USA CA)Galgiani5
Mike GallagherGallagher8
James Gallagher (USA CA)Gallagher3
Mike Gallagher (US-House)GallagherWI-8
Ruben GallegoGallego7
Pete GallegoGallego23
Ruben Gallego (US-House)GallegoAZ-7
John GaramendiGaramendi3
John Garamendi (US-House)GaramendiCA-3
Cristina Garcia (USA CA)Garcia58
Eduardo Garcia (USA CA)Garcia56
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