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Tracking:US CA Assembly

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There are currently 80 pages of California Senators

Dante Acosta (USA CA)Acosta38
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (USA CA)Aguiar-Curry4
Travis Allen (USA CA)Allen72
Joaquin Arambula (USA CA)Arambula31
Catharine Baker (USA CA)Baker16
Marc Berman (USA CA)Berman24
Franklin Bigelow (USA CA)Bigelow5
Richard Bloom (USA CA)Bloom50
Raul Bocanegra (USA CA)Bocanegra39
Rob Bonta (USA CA)Bonta18
William Brough (USA CA)Brough73
Autumn Burke (USA CA)Burke62
Anna Caballero (USA CA)Caballero30
Ian Calderon (USA CA)Calderon57
Sabrina Cervantes (USA CA)Cervantes60
Ed Chau (USA CA)Chau49
Phillip Chen (USA CA)Chen55
David Chiu (USA CA)Chiu17
Steven Choi (USA CA)Choi68
Kansen Chu (USA CA)Chu25
Rocky Chávez (USA CA)Chávez76
Ken Cooley (USA CA)Cooley8
Jim Cooper (USA CA)Cooper9
Jordan Cunningham (USA CA)Cunningham35
Matthew Dababneh (USA CA)Dababneh45
Brian Dahle (USA CA)Dahle1
Tom Daly (USA CA)Daly69
Susan Eggman (USA CA)Eggman13
Lorena Fletcher (USA CA)Fletcher80
Heath Flora (USA CA)Flora12
Vince Fong (USA CA)Fong34
Jim Frazier (USA CA)Frazier11
Laura Friedman (USA CA)Friedman43
James Gallagher (USA CA)Gallagher3
Cristina Garcia (USA CA)Garcia58
Eduardo Garcia (USA CA)Garcia56
Mike Gipson (USA CA)Gipson64
Todd Gloria (USA CA)Gloria78
Jimmy Gomez (USA CA)Gomez51
Adam Gray (USA CA)Gray21
Timothy Grayson (USA CA)Grayson14
Matthew Harper (USA CA)Harper74
Chris Holden (USA CA)Holden41
Jacqui Irwin (USA CA)Irwin44
Reginald Jones-Sawyer (USA CA)Jones-Sawyer59
Ash Kalra (USA CA)Kalra27
Kevin Kiley (USA CA)Kiley6
Tom Lackey (USA CA)Lackey36
Marc Levine (USA CA)Levine10
Monique Limón (USA CA)Limón37
Evan Low (USA CA)Low28
Brian Maienschein (USA CA)Maienschein77
Devon Mathis (USA CA)Mathis26
Chad Mayes (USA CA)Mayes42
Kevin McCarty (USA CA)McCarty7
Jose Medina (USA CA)Medina61
Melissa Melendez (USA CA)Melendez67
Kevin Mullin (USA CA)Mullin22
Al Muratsuchi (USA CA)Muratsuchi66
Adrin Nazarian (USA CA)Nazarian46
Patrick O'Donnell (USA CA)O'Donnell70
Jay Obernolte (USA CA)Obernolte33
Jim Patterson (USA CA)Patterson23
Bill Quirk (USA CA)Quirk20
Sharon Quirk-Silva (USA CA)Quirk-Silva65
Anthony Rendon (USA CA)Rendon63
Eloise Reyes (USA CA)Reyes47
Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (USA CA)Ridley-Thomas54
Freddie Rodriguez (USA CA)Rodriguez52
Blanca Rubio (USA CA)Rubio48
Rudy Salas (USA CA)Salas32
Miguel Santiago (USA CA)Santiago53
Marc Steinorth (USA CA)Steinorth40
Mark Stone (USA CA)Stone29
Tony Thurmond (USA CA)Thurmond15
Philip Ting (USA CA)Ting19
Randy Voepel (USA CA)Voepel71
Marie Waldron (USA CA)Waldron75
Shirley Weber (USA CA)Weber79
Jim Wood (USA CA)Wood2